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Tips on Eyewear Care and Cleaning

Your glasses get dirty now and then, right? When you are in the middle of an activity it is easy to use your sleeve to clean them with. But, this is a no go if you want to keep your glasses working. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for you.

It is easy to think that glasses are hard and cloth is soft, so what is the problem? But, it is the small things you don’t see that cause the problems. Small particles and dust can get onto the surface of your lenses. Rubbing off the dust, especially with a wrong cloth or a paper tissue, will scratch the lenses. Follow these care tips to keep them in top condition for longer.

Lens cleaning do’s:

  • Wash your hands with lotion-free soap.
  • Clean your lenses and frame regularly with water and a drop of mild liquid lotion-free soap.
  • Gently shake off water drops — dry your lenses with a soft, clean microfiber lens or lint-free cotton cloth. You don’t even have to rub; the drops will be transferred to the cloth in contact with the lens surface. Ask your optician for one.
  • Inspect and clean again if needed.

Lens care do’s:

  • Keep your glasses away from household detergents and beauty products such as hairspray and perfume. These can damage lenses and coatings.
  • Use both hands when you put on and take off your glasses.
  • Keep your glasses in a hard case, often provided by your optician.
  • Ask your optician about anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings, which guarantee comfort, performance, and durability.

Lens care don’ts:

  • Don’t wipe your lenses with tissues, paper towels, or paper napkins. These often contain wood fibers that can permanently damage the lens surface.
  • Don’t wipe your lenses with a towel that has been washed with fabric softener, as this can leave a misty film on your lenses.
  • Don’t spit on your lenses; saliva may contain oil or other damaging substances. Buy a small bottle of lens cleaner and take it with you when you’re away from home.
  • Don’t put your glasses down on heat sources, such as ovens or central heating, or leave them in a hot car.
  • Don’t put your glasses down on the curved side of the lenses. This can damage the coating and cause scratches.
  • Don’t use your glasses as a hat. It may look convenient or making you look cool, however this can misalign the frame, affecting the position of the lenses in front of your eyes.

Try to follow these tips and your eyewear will last longer.